The Gears will interlock Smoothly.


“The Gears will interlock Smoothly. ”

‘We all sing our ‘American Songs’ in universe in all different ways, yet all melodies in harmony will turn the gears of human history to interlock smoothly.’ As I read through the poems: I Hear America Sing, America, Yet Do I Marvel, through a novel: Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and through a commercial of coca cola, that one sentence is what came to my mind. American songs, what are they like in our lives, and what do they have to do with interlocking the gears smoothly?

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2 thoughts on “The Gears will interlock Smoothly.

  1. The closing paragraph raises some great questions: “When it is newly made, it may be hard and painful to fit and assemble [the parts] into [the] right place. Sometime we bleed by fitting [them] in [,] or [by] break[ing] [a] few cogs[;] and [we may] fail to assemble it. Nevertheless, we the people [] will keep ourselves trying to assemble the gear[s], sing[ing] our songs out loud, fac[ing] the suffering, and [seeking] the truth in God’s glory at last. That[] is how the gears will interlock smoothly in the human history.” This reminds me of the saying, “to make an omelette you need to break a few eggs.” It seems like Steinbeck’s George and Lennie bled in order to fit the gears together. It seems like perhaps the slaves bleed in order to keep their owners’s “machines” working well. Who has to bleed for America to sing? Can we have a society that doesn’t involve this?

    • To relate this process with America singing, the minority of people in the society always had to sacrifice and bleed themselves. However, because they sacrificed themselves, singing for the hope and seeking for the joy in God, the gears of the beauty of America could be possible. That, is how the gears interlock smoothly at last in the human history.

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