Ad/Campaign_ Vietnamese Women Abuse

Ad/Campaign_ Vietnamese Women Abuse

Every year, over 800 Vietnamese women are suffering from their international marriage in South Korea, banned from society, abused by their ‘illegal’ husbands, and departed from their families. They are mostly just over teenagers, and almost 62 % of them answered that they have had/or have depressing or trust issues, and want to end their life. What we have to do is not difficult at all, we just have to turn our seats, our chairs, and ASK them “How was your day?”.


2 thoughts on “Ad/Campaign_ Vietnamese Women Abuse

  1. I have uploaded the picture few times to adjust the size,* but it didn’t work. If any of the classmates want to see the actual full size of the poster, please go have a look in Mr.O’s room. (It’s on his board. )

    *The word that after “TURN” is “around.”
    **The color of the bottom line and the description beside are in red.

  2. What I hear you saying is that it would be better world if we can ask to people “how was your day?” and turn around to Vietnamese women who are abused by the marriage with South Korean. I heard a lot of this horrible news about the topic, and I did not know that you will do about this, so I was surprised. It was great that I could think about the weakness of the international marriage! I have a question, when you say that what we have to do for those women is asking a question to them, “how was your day?”, do you really believe that it can help those people? Like, how? Writing letter to them?

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