Mr.O/May 8th Project/ #2

Mr.O/May 8th Project/ #2



It was a great idea to combine my two different articles in one blog page. Within the dialogue, people who communicated me online/reality often said it was nice to compare those two article at once and also to observe others’ comments on two different things. What went well in the dialogues are several: Enabled me to find my weak opinions in my writings, and even to find some mistakes or confusing examples.  I could also rearrange the mistaken numbers through the comments, and even missing explanation about the part that I did not focus, and was likely to confuse readers later on. Truly, communicating with people online was amazing and educational, (I would even say more than reality in some aspect,) since it gives that honesty and seriousness about personal ideas in public. It is something that we often lose to do in reality, but on blog, it is so easy to spend time about reading freely and asking questions freely. However, I think it would have been better if my blog worked regularly, because I missed a lot of replies about my response to the readers’ comments. Moreover, I guess it would have been better if I put one question in general after my two different articles, to question people about how they felt about the the relation between those two and receive direct response about my writing style more than just my ideas. (I was curious about whether numbered resources are more effective or the historical, literal examples are more effective. But people often responded separately. )


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