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Task_#1: The lemon candy.

If there are two things in the process of starting something new, temptation and opportunity would be those two. Temptation, the death, and the opportunity, the life. ‘Quite harsh,’ I thought, but according to what I read for the past few years, that is the truth. (“The Scarlet Letter” would be the good example to see the consequence of that.)
Troubling part is that it is vague to distinguish between those two. Take a lemon candy as an example. This little yellow object could be either a temptation or a opportunity, depending on how long I could control myself. Taking one or two helps me to refresh and cheer up myself. But when the control is lost, I will take whole bag of it, which eventually will cause the pain of tooth decay. Consequently, the same yellow candy could either exert positive or negative on me.
AP class also has those two, life and death, as lemon candy does. The only difference between the lemon candy bags is that the cause & effect would be more personal, in the point of view of a student who learned English as a second language. To be honest, I first hesitated to take AP class for Literature course, because my teacher would make me read all these difficult, deep novels and seek the connotation of the context. I was afraid I would not even understand what it means. Moreover, organizing and describing my thoughts were the tasks that I had the most difficulty with. However, I chose to take this class, because there is at least one opportunity I could seek through the course : KNOWLEDGE. I will learn new things! Even when reading Shakespeare is as strange as reading Russian, I will learn that it is strange. Clearly, whether I understand fully or not, I will learn and grow more. In my opinion, that is the most important and the biggest opportunity. In addition, I will get close to reading and writing in English. Considering my future plan, this is a crucial benefit.
Of course, there would be the temptation as well. Since most of the novels assigned in the class are well known pieces, I already have collection of the translated versions on the book shelf. Only if I decide to take one and open it, I would easily rush through the pages and get the meaning. By doing so, I would find the connotation, diction, and even the background of the characters in an hour. Cheating in a way? I am not sure, but it is tempting certainly. Personally I think of all other temptations, this would be hardest one to get over with, since it is capable anytime, any second. However, this is will ruin the opportunity of taking AP class, the knowledge. I would be able to understand the context, but won’t be able to keep that in my brain, since it is the information that is earned without paying any effort to it. Therefore, I will try my very best not to cross this kind of the threshold. I would often be lost and have no idea about what is said, but that is the process of the learning, isn’t it? Also, where else would I learn about Shakespeare other than school? I am truly excited.