Task#5_ 1/2: Detail work

›I used to like going to have my hair cut.  I liked the mirrors in the room and all the smells of lotions and shampoos.  I liked to sit there – young and fresh and pretty – and see what the women were having done, to make themselves look younger and prettier.  I liked the way my mother’s hairdresser teased me about boyfriends and dances.  Not anymore, though.  Somebody held the door open so my mother could wheel me in, and a few people who had met me came around to say how sorry they were.  ~ Cynthia Voight, Izzy, Willy-Nilly

1. ‘used to like going’ shows that she doesn’t do that anymore. / young, fresh, and pretty seems to be something that she likes to be around, yet she isn’t capable of admiring them anymore.

2. Going through the details, I first thought it would be a story of a boy who strangely loves haircut, or a beauty salon. Just by the first two sentences. ‘Not anymore, though’ gives the readers that impression: the writer still wants them back, but tend to behave as she have never liked it before. Thus, ‘wheel me in’ directs the readers to the scene of the writer’s reality, where she’s no longer treating herself as fresh and beautiful person.

3. I remember the first time I played with my favorite ball. It was a green rubber ball, yet I did not bounce it to play, but rather hugged tight so I could have plaid marks all over my arms. Life’s irony, is that little kid became a grown up and now plays in a school team. The ball stays on the ground now, and so many eyes focus to the one and only object. All of a sudden, all those patterns on the feet start to move rapidly. Those patterns, run after their pray, fast and scary. Red and black, like a dinosaur, steals the ball from the neon pink and red, the flamingo. Flamingo then yells to the cheetah behind the dinosaur to go get the ball. As the game goes through the half, my lungs turns upside down, inside out. I put my hands on my head, and let the cold breeze fix my lungs. Air in and out, almost drying the wet shirt, the ball is heading this way again. That image of dinosaur keep running towards this way! My head is screaming for more water, and my toes are yelling to get out from the small cleats, but I go again.


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