Task#5_2/2 Project guide book

<How to write.>

I cannot recall since when I became hesitative in writing something, and treating creative writing as a task.  As a 9 year old kid, I happily spent all of my pocket money on those squared manuscript papers and fancy plastic fountain pens. To read them again is quite embarrassing, but back then, I proudly showed all of my friends, family, and even parents of my best friends.

So since when I started to fear showing my thoughts to someone? To be specific, I think it was more of a fear of grammar than of expressing my thoughts. This is clearly proven, because I still have my elementary teacher’s birthday card (That I never sent,) where I wrote everything correctly and at the bottom, written “Please excuse my grammar, but I really really tried. -Judy.” I think I feared as if my teacher would be angry of her birthday card grammar. -She was a decent, sweet, angelic teacher though.-  And I still quite concern about my grammar when I write, in fact, concerning for over 10 years now. Writing in a foreign language is THAT scary. You never get used to it. Nevertheless, the reason why I am sitting here confessing my writing phobia, is because writing is always productive for creative ideas.

Therefore, I won’t focus on my grammar that much, because I don’t want to keep these ideas inside and regret as I did on my teacher’s birthday card. I think it would be better to write whatever it comes to my  mind first, and then revise it often. Since it is a project that is requiring narrative writing, it would be more of a journey to seek abandoned adjectives and verbs.

<What would be said>

My English teacher said it could be either personal, or imaginary. My writing so far, is a mixture of personal experience and imagination. This is truly a amazing task of other tasks, because I actually had more time to think about the source. I was thinking about writing from my imagination, but something weird and crazy as this actually happened in my life. So, I decided to combine them. At this point, I hope I could drag what I wanted to say smoothly through the medium that I am using in the writing.


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