Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow., and their Inequalities

Why do people hate Tuesdays and love Fridays? Can’t Tuesday ever be loved? Who determined Tuesday to be so miserable like this and Friday to be full of such joy? Isn’t it unfair? The whole thing started from the observation of this agony. Why do people love certain things for nothing and hate certain things as well? Who decides the fate of people like Tuesdays and Fridays? In my opinion, people nowadays- or from the far past where there is not even a record of that specific era- are too ignorant about the importance of yesterdays. Today gets the priority since it is The day to live, and The day you are breathing at the moment. Tomorrow is so loved of its potential and hope. But how about yesterdays? Some don’t even care, and mostly some treat this day with regret and say they mortified over the pain. Surprisingly, we are all being too ignorant on our yesterdays. Yes, to compare in inequalities, today and tomorrow definitely takes the priority. In matter of fact, these are the days where actual changes occur .However, that does not mean that priorities only deserve the attention. There has to be some sort of equal attention and observation on yesterdays, because yesterday made you, fit the latest piece of you yourself today. In “The Fog,” people would be able to experience the importance of yesterdays through the boy’s forecast ability on people around him.

If you have ever wondered if you are ignorant of your Tuesdays or yesterdays, follow the link below and find out how to appreciate your days:


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