Task#8_ Crime and Punishment imitation no.3

Crime and Punishment

“Nearly dead to begin with, but in a faint, breathless, pale, Katrina Ivanovna jumped up from the bed (on which she had fallen in exhaustion)  and rushed at Amalia Ivanovna. But the struggle was too unequal; she was pushed away like a feather.”


Until this chapter, when it comes to the character Katrina Ivanovna, the details of her personality, her backgrounds, her emotions were either indirect or very vague. Throughout the chapter where she leads the ceremonial carnival, and especially throughout this specific quote, the readers could observe her anxiety of the social position, clothing, reputation, etc. Personally, this quote is a brilliant one line that could explain her condition, as well as her anger towards the landlady. Dostoevsky uses dictions such as “nearly-dead”, “faint”, “pale”, “breathless” to describe the weak, ghastly standing lady. The readers could picture it enough of picture where the sick lady is reaching to another lady with anger. On the other hand, Dostoevsky implants little attention in the second half of the quote, describing her failure, using “feather” as a metaphor. Rather than “But the landlady pushed back, and Katrina fell.”, “feather” depicts detailed picture for the readers.

“Almost crawling on the ground to begin with, but in a slow, breathless, yet enthusiastic, the championship ball flew towards the fence (on which everyone at the field waiting beside) and ran over the fence. But the whole vision was too crowded; the ball vanished like a magic, with hundreds of hands waving to get it.”

I tried to capture the moment where everyone at the stadium is staring the last ball at the last round of the championship. Seems dramatic, because the ball seemed end up on the ground but is making it through the fence, scoring for the team. Then, the sight of the ball is lost in the mingles arms and hands to grab ‘the ball.’ All of this happens in the slow tempo to the quick tempo.