“The Gears will interlock Smoothly. ”

‘We all sing our ‘American Songs’ in universe in all different ways, yet all melodies in harmony will turn the gears of human history to interlock smoothly.’ As I read through the poems: I Hear America Sing, America, Yet Do I Marvel, through a novel: Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and through a commercial of coca cola, that one sentence is what came to my mind. American songs, what are they like in our lives, and what do they have to do with interlocking the gears smoothly?

Walt Whitman delivers his definition of American song in his poem ‘I Hear America Sing.’ In this poem, beings which appears to sing about their lives are the ones we see in common, or  what we are. They seem to be the well known individuals, and this makes us easier to put ourselves emotionally into it. The songs they are singing are hopes and dreams, the love, and the voices of their lives. Those may be on the deck of the steamboat or from the rough hands of mother’s from the labor. Then this song comes very personal and strong for us to relate ourselves with reality. American song is the hope we have, and the picture we draw to maintain our life happily. It is in us, composed and played, for the higher quality of life, which in American will, the freedom and pursuit of happiness.

However, according to a poetry ‘America,’ American song is hard to sing out loud, since the reality is like a cultured hell. ‘She’ demands and quibbles whatever, to whomever she wants. Ironically, she seems to be a villain who manipulates, then to give the people strength to erect against or stand by her wall and rest. What a man in this poem can do is only to darkly gaze on her wall passing through the path. (The ‘She’ in this poem doesn’t come new to me at all, since this kind of characteristic of reality has been in every civilization.) How small and weak is this. Often, like the song of man in this poem, minority fears, falls under majority (She) and bleeds. For example, citizens had to bleed for better nation, slaves had to bleed for manufacturing revolution, and Indians had to bleed for the glory of the nation. The question whether if it was just or not cannot be answered in human history, but it is true that ‘She’ needs these kinds of sacrifice to gain the higher level of cultural development. Thus, it may seems very small for a man to sing his American song, or weak to gaze what ‘She’ is doing, but in matter of fact, he must be, and is totally, crucial part of the gear of what ‘She’ is manufacturing.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin explains why is the song necessary not just for ‘Her,’ but also for us. The harmony and the unity of the songs; gathered and collected from small moments to every bits, it glorifies God and brings us glory , which is a mighty thing, a wonderful part that interlocks the gears of life. Now, then doesn’t it get curious how tightly the gears of life are matched and why is God letting people suffer from not interlocking, such as slavery? Countee Cullen yells at God asking, “Are you a real thing, who are on higher authority, watching over the mirror of our pain?”. (Mirror because of what Jesus Christ went through? I am still studying for this term) If only I had chance to meet him, though I never been into such suffering as black people were in 1860s, I would tell him “Yes, there is God and he is the one who knows the end from the beginning.’ What I am saying is not that slavery is necessary and God wanted them to suffer without reasons, but God is omnipotent and the suffering is hard for us-humans- to measure whether it is just or not. We will be able to get the clear answer when He comes in end time. Until then, we should keep out voices high up, and glorify God all with our heart and soul, which we marvel and appreciate.

As a result, my perspective in the meaning life is like a gears that interlock. When it is newly made, it may be hard and painful to fit and assemble into right place. Sometime we bleed by fitting it in or break few cogs and fail to assemble it. Nevertheless, we the people, will keep ourselves trying to assemble the gear, sing our songs out loud, face the suffering, and find the truth in God’s glory at last. That, is how the gears will interlock smoothly in the human history.

<31.Jan. 2014>

Of Mice and Men:

“Fallacy of the tender- hearted and a Nice man”

Was George nice or mean? People often vote for nice. I too, considered him to be a nice man at first. But is he? As a matter of fact, this is our mistake from observing the tenderhearted into a ‘nice fella.’ There are certain points that divide those two definitely, and when it comes to George’s behaviors, it is lot easier to comprehend my opinion that he is not nice at all.

  Readers often doubt the entire idea of his meanness. Mostly this resistance comes from the fact that George accompanied Lennie wherever he went, whether they were welcomed or not. One normal man who has wise in his heart, carrying ‘the less intellectual’ with him through the journey. Nice, indeed. However,  try to read the context with keen observation. When one is sacrificing himself for another, he is supposed to devote at least a few things of his fortune. When it comes to George, this doesn’t count. He might have brought Lennie with pity and guilt, but he hasn’t any of virtuous or considerate thoughts of Lennie. For example, George made Lennie stay in the barn; while he was entertaining himself with their money. If he had kept his eye on Lennie, Curley’s wife would not have approached to her death. Also, George often encourages Lennie with the dream of the small log house with rabbits. The dream that even he does not believe to be possible! How irresponsible is that? Thus, he is a man without ambition. A man with ambition, especially when with a companion about whom he cares, wouldn’t allow himself waste their money entertaining in total waste. The man would work more or deeply agonize about how he is going to get this through, not merely the warn poor little guy not to say anything dumb. What I am stating is that a man should pay attention once he has taken a stand for someone.

   As I read further and thought more about the meanness, the more historical events crossed through my mind. The relationship between George and Lennie exemplifies the cause of the Civil War and the Great Depression. The first event questions the humanity, and the second questions the justice of the domination of business enterprises. In the matter of the Civil War, the way  most slave owners treated their slaves was like George. Since the slaves were usually uneducated (less intellectual), the slave owners killed the humanity of the slaves and while purchasing their political rights and wealth. Some were ignorant of whatever the human rights were, and didn’t pay attention to it at all. Observing the Great Depression, a large number of economists state that this started with the large competition which created between these big enterprise and small businesses, and the weak ones. The big companies did not respect whatever the small ones made, and took over their abilities. They said this invasion was necessary to the nation’s prosperity.I don’t know what kind of justice they were thinking, but as with George and the slave owners, they took advantages if the weak. Therefore, the balance of the ‘market’ failed, and the dreams were gone  which made their life miserable. Considering these two examples, it’s hard to deny that the meanness, the disrespectful behavior, or killing of one’s dream (both in physical and mental sense) would do no good for both of “George”‘s and “Lennies”‘s in reality.

…………and what do YOU think?


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  1. Wow, this post draws together some fantastic connections, that many people may not have seen. The Lennie and George relationship is about far more than one man to another–it has something to say about political, economic, and global perspectives on how one party treats another. Way to connect this to the Civil War and the Great Depression. (The GD is something Steinbeck was very interested in. You can read a bit about it in Grapes of Wrath).

  2. For the interlocking gears post, I think that your suggestion is kind of vague. We have to wait until God comes in the end times to get a clear answer on suffering. Does everyone have that kind of patience? Is there something we can do before the end times? If we don’t know the real reason to suffering, is it really necessary to live through that suffering or is that suffering even really meaningful?

    For the post about George and Lennie, it seemed to me that you were burdening George too much. Is it not enough that George has already willingly taken care of Lennie this long? George devoted his time when he could’ve spent it somewhere else doing better things such as earning money, he sacrificed his life for Lennie. Why does George have to share the dream that Lennie has? Why can’t George just sometimes enjoy himself?

    • I guess I wasn’t clear enough about explaining what we could do before end times. Or on the other hand, I wanted to focus more on the hope that we’ll gain afterwards, when the end time comes. Also, we cannot always be satisfied with the everything, and such horrible things happen in everyday lives. Then. are we going to come up with the solution every single time? I guess not. My point is, that human beings may be the image of God, but we can never understand fully what his omnipotent power is doing, or why such miserable things happen. Then. what we could do is to follow his words and hope for his glory at the end times. Before that, my question is what is your hope of the end times? How would it bring difference to the people who are neglected from the authorities? Moreover, is there justice that will once bring the glory of freedom,or is there a case that it brought one? I’m curious.

  3. all men’s songs blend in together to make perfect harmony for humanity. Those constructed harmonies, i believe, are the gears that will interlock smoothly… Also I enjoyed reading your idea that blood must be spilled in order to spin the gear and form harmony. Weak people like slaves are the ones that spilled their blood for greater good, i guess.

    This idea goes along with the question, “Is George’s killing Lennie good?”

    NOW, what i hear you to be saying is that you don’t care that much or you CANNOT care about the people who suffer due to their weakness or circumstances (no matter if it is just or unjust) because eventually God will save them and bring Glory back to himself. But on the Of Mice and Men post, it seems like you are saying that Lennie’s blood shouldn’t have been spilled since George killed him for selfish means. If you believe that men have to handle whatever circumstance they face, no matter what; then, you probably should say that Lennie should’ve dealt with his death because that was the circumstance that was given to him by George (We don’t care if he was mean since God will judge at the end) and by God who created him inferior.

    Which idea among two of your blog posts convinces you more now?

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